VW single-seater

VW single-seater concept car (unofficial)

Interior seats

Untitled concept car

-The car you will never need!


VW Bulli Concept

VW Bulli Concept (unofficial)

Mercedes '40 featured image

Mercedes ’40 (quick renderings)

Mercedes ’40 quick photoshop renderings (unofficial)

Mercedes-Benz S-class cabriolet (unofficial)

Mercedes-Benz S-class cabriolet (unofficial of course, just a photomanipulation)

Concept S-Class Coupé

courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Concept S-Class Cabriolet

higher resolution

Smart Boot (c) 1600x

A Smart with a “smart” boot*!

Smart Forvision Concept with a smart port baggage ( boot / trunk ) for extra shopping bags.

“Smart has always been a pioneer in matters of urban mobility, the company is showing the direction of development in cities around the world. The joint concept vehicle smart forvision presented at the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt combines a futuristic design with technologies relating to energy efficiency and lightweight design”

This small car is really smart,..but……what if it could provide us more trunk / boot space? How it could be easily done, without making the car larger?

Well, this would be the easiest answer: Smart boot / trunk !!!

Smart Boot (c) 1600x

How it works?

It is like a drawer made for sliding in and out!! When the need of more space is presented you just slide it and voila!- extra space! Don’t worry, your shopping stuff won’t be exposed, !it’s waterproof too..:)

Here you can find out more about the great Smart Forvision Concept on NetCarShow‘s website.

smart boot